About Us

The company was founded in 2016 (from several companies with many years of experience in the electronics industry). Production facilities are located at the Zelenograd plant Kvant and Voronezh plant Videophone. Both plants were among the most capital-intensive projects of the Soviet electronic industry.

The company specializes in producing 24-65 inch LCD TVs of famous brands such as DEXP, AMCV, LUMUS, STARWIND, Xiaomi, SUPRA, AKAI, AKIRA, HYUNDAI, LEBEN, BBK, ORION, YUNO, FUSION, ECON, Hi.

The company has production facilities

  • Section of plastic parts production. Materials: ABS , HIPS , PC , PP
  • Section of liquid painting of plastic parts
  • Section of pad printing
  • Section of laser marking
  • Section of EPS packing production
  • Section of powder coating

Plant space in Zelenograd

  Zelenograd Voronezh
Production area 4300 м2 9000 м2
Warehouse area 1200 м2 2000 м2
Employees quantity 220 450
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